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  1. Selections from the Sherman Collection
  2. History of Ophthalmology in the Asia Pacific
  3. Their Eyes to the Sky
  4. Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology
  5. Beyond Ophthalmology, Beyond the Clinic
  6. Extreme Vision: Science Fiction or Truth
  7. Contagion! Epidemics in Ophthalmic History
  8. The Eyes of War
  9. Spectacular Spectacles
  10. To Fool the Eye
  11. Windows to the Soul
  12. Picturing The Eye: Ophthalmic Film and Photography
  13. Collecting Ophthalmology: 30 Years at the Museum


Past Exhibitions

Eye Diagram from China
Illustration from Yin Hai Jing Wei, 15th C

History of Ophthalmology in the Asia Pacific

This exhibit explores and celebrates the roots of ophthalmology in the Asia Pacific. These roots are found by looking at historical evidence - following a trail from ancient times to approximately the 15th Century.

Medical knowledge in the Asia Pacific was largely insular for thousands of years. Starting in the 1400s, European countries began commercial exploration of the world and their influence would end up transforming trade, politics, and medicine throughout the region. Although our exhibit ends with this exploration, traditional medicine in the Asia Pacific is seeing a resurgence as modern governments reinvest in their native models, creating a dialog between Western and traditional practice.


  1. India
  2. China
  3. Role of Buddhism
  4. Japan
  5. Sri Lanka

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