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  1. Selections from the Sherman Collection
  2. History of Ophthalmology in the Asia Pacific
  3. Their Eyes to the Sky
  4. Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology
  5. Beyond Ophthalmology, Beyond the Clinic
  6. Extreme Vision: Science Fiction or Truth
  7. Contagion! Epidemics in Ophthalmic History
  8. The Eyes of War
  9. Spectacular Spectacles
  10. To Fool the Eye
  11. Windows to the Soul
  12. Picturing The Eye: Ophthalmic Film and Photography
  13. Collecting Ophthalmology: 30 Years at the Museum


Past Exhibitions

Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology

The Museum of Vision celebrates the breakthrough discoveries that created seminal turning points in ophthalmology and all of medicine.

The foundation of modern medicine began in the 19th Century with advancements in the knowledge of disease and bacteriology, together with the introduction of instrumentation, drugs, and new practices. During this time period, ophthalmology emerged as a distinct medical and surgical discipline as well as a science. This transformation was brought on by the inventive minds, comprehensive researchers, and skilled hands of ophthalmologists who sought to better understand the human eye and improve the quality of vision.

Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology highlights just seven ophthalmic advancements and turning points in history. The Museum of Vision invites you to keep the conversation going. Who was the greatest thinker in ophthalmology and what was their greatest insight? Tell us at

  1. Helmholtz and the ophthalmoscope
  2. Koller and cocaine
  3. Graefe and glaucoma
  4. Gullstrand and the Nobel Prize
  5. Jackson and medical education
  6. Ridley and cataract
  7. Machemer and the vitreous

American Academy of Ophthalmology