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  1. Selections from the Sherman Collection
  2. History of Ophthalmology in the Asia Pacific
  3. Their Eyes to the Sky
  4. Great Insights and Great Thinkers in Ophthalmology
  5. Beyond Ophthalmology, Beyond the Clinic
  6. Extreme Vision: Science Fiction or Truth
  7. Contagion! Epidemics in Ophthalmic History
  8. The Eyes of War
  9. Spectacular Spectacles
  10. To Fool the Eye
  11. Windows to the Soul
  12. Picturing The Eye: Ophthalmic Film and Photography
  13. Collecting Ophthalmology: 30 Years at the Museum


Past Exhibitions

Ophthalmodouleia by George Bartisch, 1583

Selections from the Sherman Collection

The Spencer E. Sherman, MD Antique Ophthalmology Book Collection represents a lasting tribute to the great thinkers in ophthalmology's past.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." The scientific, diagnostic and surgical innovations found in the Sherman Collection are the shoulders upon which today's ophthalmologist stand.

The Spencer E. Sherman, MD Antique Ophthalmology Book Collection was donated to the Museum of Vision in 2014. The Collection consists of over 130 rare books and catalogs, representing some of the oldest and most important texts ever published in ophthalmology.

As Dr. Sherman wished, the Collection will be available to ophthalmologists, historians and the public throughout the world on a permanent basis at the headquarters of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The Collection will be used to further the educational mission of the Museum of Vision, to inspire, celebrate and preserve ophthalmology's unique heritage.


  1. Selections from the Sherman Collection

American Academy of Ophthalmology