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Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body

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The Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and it's award-winning Museum of Vision have created curriculum guides to teach children ages 10 thru 14 about the eyes and the science of vision.  Each guide can be downloaded here free of charge.  Please contact the museum if you require assistance.


"Thank you for your efforts in educating all of us in an interesting way!  My students really enjoyed the activities."
-Lucia Dantzler, 6th and 8th grade science teacher, Ridgeville SC

"I am VERY appreciative of the [educational] materials...I know that they would be very helpful for me in teaching my students about the eye and its wonders."
-Scott A. Blanchard, Biscotti Educational Center, Macomb MI


Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body

Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body was created for Let's Move! Museum & Gardens, a national initiative to teach kids about healthy choices.  This booklet is designed for parents and educators to use when teaching children about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their whole body, including their eyes.

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Eye Openers

Eye Openers: Exploring Optical Illusions is a booklet designed to help educators teach basic concepts of vision.   It includes activities for youngsters and provides appropriate handouts.  Suitable for audiences ages 11 and up.

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Animal Eyes

Animal Eyes is a booklet designed to teach basic concepts of vision and explore the amazing eyes of the animal kingdom.  Come discover eyes that look like yours, and eyes that are wildly different.  Join scientists on their exciting quest to understand how animals actually see.

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Art + Vision

Art & Vision: Seeing in 3-D® is a booklet and a series of teacher handouts designed to help educators teach basic concepts of vision and special visual techniques that help to create the illusion of depth. Suitable for audiences ages 11 and up.

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Animal Eyes

Dr. Ivan Shwab discusses the amazing world of animal eyes and how they relate to yours!

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American Academy of Ophthalmology