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Collection Sets

Ophthalmoscopes, Part II

The Museum of Vision has a collection of over 200 ophthalmoscopes.  Here, we have collected a few examples with internal illumination.

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Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and case
Black wood case houses head-set ophthalmoscope, cord, control box and magnifying lens
Eye, ear, nose and throat instrument set in wooden case. Two handles, one battery operated and the other a plug-in universal handle. May ophthalmoscope head, four ear canula, mirror, and extra ophthalmic lens for scope. Case is marked "Philip R. Becklodd / Lt. Col., M.C. 0366568".
Keeler Ophthalmoscope
'Continental Wide Angle' Keeler ophthalmoscope.
Keeler Ophthalmoscope and Case
C. Davis Keeler ophthalmoscope, cream enamel labeled 'Wide Angle' with spare bulb and screw, in leather covered wood case with blue silk lining.
Oculus-Universal-Ophthalmoscop and Case
2 part electric ophthalmoscope in leather covered hard case.
Oculus-Visuskop and case
Ophthalmoscope and case with 3 bulbs and screwdriver.
American Optical Company
Ophthalmoscope has yellow plastic handle.
Ophthalmoscope and case
Black metal universal handle with ophthalmoscope and otoscope heads. Wooden case includes a gold seal inside lid and a silver clasp.

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