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Collection Sets

Spectacles 1800s

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Moore & Brewer
Colored Spectacles
Colored spectacles with oval end and sliding temple, 1 set green lenses, 1 set clear lenses, D-lenses, (railroad glasses).
Colored Spectacles
Colored Spectacles, ca 1820. Coin-silver frames have double "D" form frames and green lenses and turn-pin temple pieces. No marks. American. Measures 4 ¾" across.
c. 1820
Colored Spectacles
Small oval (1 in. x 1-1/4 in.) forged-iron spectacles with flat U-bridge, flat bows, hinged (folded), end in large rings (3/4 in.) and dark green glass lenses. RE: Plano, LE: Plano.
Colored Spectacles
Steel spectacles with green plano lenses and hinged green side glasses, pivot extension temples with loops (Railroad glasses).
Frog Mouth Spectacles Case
Frog mouth spectacle case made of paper mache with hand painted details and an applied portrait of a woman.
N Mills Birmingham
Sterling silver spectacle case with rococo engraving with central cartouche, engraved 'A. C. 25th Dec. 1848' marked with makers mark.
Optical Fan and case
Lorgnette fan with 17 tortoiseshell sticks and black lace leaf. The front guardstick is carved and pierced and houses a Lorgnette which folds into it. The Gorge (lower part) of the other sticks is also carved and pierced.
Painted Spectacle Case
Cardboard spectacle case with leather, accordian folded sides. Case appears to have a printed design that has been painted in. On the front is a woman holding a fan, on the back is scene of a boy and girl playing with a dog. Object is possibly a cigar case sold as a spectacle case.

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