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George K. Kambara+ MD

George K. Kambara+ MD

Accession №KA.1.001.0002
Collection TitleGeorge K. Kambara+ MD
Series TitlePersonal Papers pertaining to WWII
Physical DescriptionWestern Union Telegram, Dr. George Kambara. In 1942 Dr. George Kiyoshi Kambara, a resident at Stanford Lane Hospital in San Francisco, was sent this telegram advising him that he was to report to the Marysville Assembly Center per Executive Order 9066, which asserted the government's right to send all Japanese Americans living along the U.S. coastline into relocation or work camps during WWII. Dr. Kambara and his family were eventually sent to the Tule Lake Relocation Center on the California-Oregon border where he served as the camp's ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist.
Personal NameGeorge K. Kambara, MD

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