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Ridley Intraocular Lens

Ridley Intraocular Lens

Accession №1995.031.00001
CategoryIntraocular Lens
PurposeVision Aids
Specific NameRidley Intraocular Lens


Ridley Intraocular lens consists of a simple plastic disk with a raised edge inside a white plastic container. Lens was removed from a patient on April 25, 1987. In 1940, Germany launched the air attack known as the Battle of Britain. As part of the medical service, Dr. Harold Ridley came into contact with Royal Air Force pilots who suffered from eye injuries. Many of these injuries included fragments of airplane canopies which were made of polymethyl methacrylate (aka PMMA or Perspex). In 1949 Dr. Ridley took his observations of Perspex to Rayner of London and together they developed intraocular lenses- the first implant was made November 29, 1949.

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