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La Caricaturana #66: Robert Macaire

La Caricaturana #66: Robert Macaire

Accession №1986.000.00157
CategoryLithograph Print
Specific NameLa Caricaturana #66: Robert Macaire
Artist/MakerHonore Daumier


Newspaper print by the artist Honore Daumier depicting a doctor's office with model eyes on the wall. Two figures are speaking and holding papers. This drawing was part of a series of 100 lithographs entitled La Caricaturana, appearing in the newspaper Le Charivari between August 20, 1836 and November 25, 1838. The figure on the left is Robert Macaire, a fictional character Daumier used to criticize lawyers, politicians and as we see here, physicians. Here "Dr. Macaire" is asking his sidekick Bertrand to deliver a letter to the local paper which has accused the good doctor of applying false remedies for baldness. Dr. Macaire's note demands the article be corrected and mentions his place of business twice.

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